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Permaculture for Home and Garden
2 days, 14 learning units


In this workshop, students will learn Permaculture principles as applied in temperate homes and gardens. We will discuss organic gardening, building with local natural materials, ecological lawn, meadow, stream and wetland care, orchards, composting, off-the-grid water systems, and domestic and wild animal management. Bring questions about your garden and home and be prepared to learn about ideas that can improve your quality of life, simplify your needs, and increase your family time by cooperating with ecological processes to create abundance and diversity. All Levels.


Ecological Water Systems: Farms, Families & Communities
2 day course

Fresh water is essential for healthy human communities and is becoming ever scarcer. In this class students will learn holistic approaches for increasing aquifer recharge and percolation to alleviate flooding, sediment and siltation problems and to make more high quality fresh water available on your site and in your community. This course will focus on Permaculture and ecological design solutions for multiple water issues. We will explore in-depth designs for a range of applications and environments: mountains, plains, deserts, temperate and tropical. Specific topics will include: siting ponds, developing springs, gravity fed systems, solar pumps, cisterns, rainwater catchment, intentional wetland wastewater treatment, rain garden designs for biofiltration of runoff from parking lots and roadways, erosion control, stabilizing stream banks, and much more. All Levels.



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andrew faust at yertermorrow  nyc

April 11- 17, 2015
Warren, Vermont
Andrew Faust and Guests

This 80+ hour course covers the core Permaculture Design curriculum training you to apply permaculture as a consultant in a wide range of environments. We will cover applications of permaculture in diverse settings, and techniques for meeting human needs that harmonize with ecological patterns. Lectures and hands-on work will also explore: bioregional designs, natural history of Eastern woodlands and designs that cooperate with their regeneration, evolution of agriculture, energy and nutrient cycling, watershed health, gravity spring-fed water systems, tree paste for fruit trees, selective firewood and pole harvesting to encourage maples, apples, shitake and ginseng, and the integration of animals into cultivated ecosystems.

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