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Permaculture Classes - Certification Courses and Workshops 2015

Center for Bioregional Living

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Join us every third Friday of the month 16 Januay 2015

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Click to book permaculture class
Click to book permaculture class

$40.00 per 2 hour class

I took a permaculture course presented by The Center for Bioregional Living at the end of last year, and it truly effected me. The teacher, was amazing, and the group was diverse and inspiring. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their quality of life, and quality of life on earth!

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Permaculture Design Certification course. 
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Permaculture classes in Brooklyn

Two new series of workshops by Permaculture designers and educators - Andrew Faust and Adriana Magana.

Food and Vitality
Local and seasonal foods and their preparation:
Next dates TBD - “Food and Vitality” - from 1 to 3pm @ 225 South 2nd, Brooklyn NY
In this workshop, the broad spectrum of eating right for your region, season and maximum vitality will be addressed through the demonstration of sprouting whole grains and beans; growing wheat grass, sunflower, buckwheat and flax, micro greens; culturing raw dairy; using slow and low heat cooking methods to preserve vitality.

Next dates TBD - Whole Grain Organic Sourdough”  - from 5 - 7pm @ 225 South 2nd, Brooklyn NY 

Next dates TBD -
“Herbal Tinctures and Remedies” from  12-2pm @ 225 South 2nd, Brooklyn NY

Please register at least one week in advance so we can insure the correct amount of ingredients. This is sure to fill up fast!

Come and learn how to live well and in harmony with the earth while boosting immunity and increasing longevity!

C-Realm_Radiant_Sun - Live Audio Stream

C-Realm Special:
Designing real Freedom

Revisioning Permaculture  An interview with Andrew on applying Permaculture to retrofitting the northeastern corridor and developing ecological regional economies.

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Speaking at the Sustainability Forum -
OWS Zucotti Park NY
Costa Boutsikaris Filmmaker


These are some of our favorite organizations, institutes and sources of information you may find useful in understanding Permaculture living

Permaculture Activist Magazine
The Ecologist Magazine
Earth Island Institute
The Weston A. Price Foundation
Adbusters Magazine and more

Permaculture Information Resources and Articles

- Permaculture pre-purchase site assessment
- Master design plans and whole site design
- Installation and Implementation of Permaculture Designs
- Prospecting for land for self sufficient ecovillages and communities
- Biointensive and Biodynamic vegetable garden designs

Andrew Faust offers the following services at your site. Helping you to realize your dreams with ecological integrity; increase abundance and self-sufficiency by cooperating with nature. This includes an initial meeting, site visit a narrative/report  Full site design concept rendering and detail drawings.

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Permaculture Design Consultation and Services - Center for BioRegional Living

Permaculture is an ecological design science based on the resilient patterns found in nature.  It  is a vision of what we would rather see in the world and how to achieve it in a step by step manner.  The ethics, tools and techniques of Permaculture are focused on creating vibrant bioregional cultures and economies providing long term comfort and security for our families, communities and future generations.

Center for Bioregional Living courses educate and inform our students  to create true health, wealth and regional self-sufficiency through cooperating with nature. We offer permaculture design courses and consultation services, inspiring hundreds of  graduates in the northeast, and New York’s Five Boroughs.   With over 20 years of experience in design for a wide range of clients, we are your source for permaculture design education and consultation.

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Watch these to learn more about the course


andrew faust at yertermorrow  nyc

This 80+ hour Permaculture Design Certification course imparts a positive and empowering vision for social and ecological transformation. We will train you to be a permaculture consultant who can apply the permaculture principles to a diversity of landscapes, scales and issues from rural to urban, and temperate to tropical environments.

Permaculture Ways of Living - Homesteading, Ecovillages & Bioregional Economies


The confluence of peak oil, loss of biodiversity, and widespread pollution from carbon-based industries points to the growing need for an alternative to our way of living.

Using natural, scientifically based approaches, the worldwide permaculture movement addresses these issues to develop a healthy, vibrant, more sustainable model we can all use right at home. During this 5-day workshop, leading permaculture teacher Andrew Faust shows us how to live off the grid, while staying connected to our communities and the world. We learn to:

  • Turn our home, farm, or cabin into a self-sufficient, low-energy-use, off-the-grid dwelling
  • Use natural energy supplies like passive solar and gravity-fed water systems
  • Detox our home and clean indoor air with plants
  • Develop organic, biodynamic, and biointensive home and rooftop gardening techniques

We also explore permaculture in the kitchen, passive cooking, eating regionally and seasonally, and much more.

Permaculture Design Certification Courses NY - Click to Book Now
Herbal Healing class
at Ellenville, NY
One Day Course
Saturday January 24th 10-3pm - REGISTER HERE

Whole foods whole health cooking
at Iris
One Day Course
Saturday January 31st 10 -3 - REGISTER HERE

Permaculture and Biodynamics
at SUNY Ulster community college
5 evenings, 3/11-4/22 6-9pm - REGISTER HERE

Permaculture for Home and Garden w Andrew Faust -
4pm Friday 15th to 17th May weekend class
Andrew Faust: Permaculture and Sustainable Living:

Permaculture Design Certification
at Ellenville, NY
4 three day weekends
First weekend May 29th
Last weekend July 10th - REGISTER HERE
Naturally Built Tiny House;
Hands-on Class
Weekend class
at Ellenville,NY
10-4pm July 25 and 26 - REGISTER HERE

Agroforestry and Coppicing
The Foundation of a New Economy
Hands-on Class
at Ellenville, NY
One Day class
April 25th 10-5pm - REGISTER HERE

Permaculture Design Certification
at Ellenville, NY
4 three day weekends
First weekend May 29th
Last weekend July 10th - REGISTER HERE
Naturally Built Tiny House
Hands-on Class
Weekend class
at Ellenville,NY
10-4pm July 25 and 26 - REGISTER HERE

Permaculture Design Certification
12 day intensive Warren,VT.
Yestermorrow April 11- 17  -

Permaculture and Biodynamic Gardening
Hands-on Class
at Ellenville, NY
One Day
May 2nd 10-4pm - REGISTER HERE

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