Bioregional Living Permaculture Design Plans

Permaculture Map Design for property in Newton, New Jersey

Permaculture Design Plans in Wallkil River, New Paltz, New York
Permaculture RoofTop garden design in Woodland, New Jersey
Permaculture Design for property in Harwinton, Connecticut
Permaculture Design Consultation Ellenville New York
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Permaculture Design Consultation Services

Creating real financial and ecological security for our clients by capitalizing on natural cycles and investing in the long term resilience of forests, farms and local economies. We bring the beauty and power of the earth to our clients with the wisdom of over 20 years of experience in permaculture design.

Andrew Faust is creating homes and communities rooted in a sense of the sacred in the eastern appalachian bioregions. He is turning on hundreds of New Yorkers to the beauty of applying permaculture design to a wide range of landscapes and projects.

Demonstrating in classes how to practice permaculture in the midst of the largest city in  America, he integrates all of his lifelong wisdom of reading the northeastern corridor through Permaculture perspectives for clients and students. Now twenty years into his consultation services and projects, he is immersed in this landscape and can read it, sense it and design/build in tune with natural lay of the land as only someone who has homesteaded off the grid for eight years, as an intentional pursuit in a deeper wisdom of his understanding of Permaculture and all its facets, can.

His love of natural building and fresh water springs, moving water with gravity as well as growing food in ecological ways. In short, I am here on this Earth to help my fellow human beings to achieve a higher quality of life in sustainable, beautiful and resilient ways.


Real Estate Assessment Site Analysis

Comprehensive assessment of your property we survey it's potential to meet your permaculture needs and goals, evaluating ecological, social and economic potential.....

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Site analysis that includes a comprehensive Permaculture design and report which will have a series of design drawings, and implementation plans....

Permaculture Planning Land Selection

read more about permaculture planning and land selection consultation services

Natural Building Healthy Homes

read more about our healthy homes and natural building consultation services

Real Estate Assessment

Site Analysis

Permaculture Planning

Land Selection

Healthy Home Consultation

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We design and build comfortable, affordable, beautiful, non-toxic natural homes and outbuildings for a wide range of climates and site conditions....

* Research, Reports and Background information on property purchases
* Permaculture pre-purchase site assessment
* Prospecting for land for self sufficient homesteads, ecovillages and communities
* Installation and Implementation of Permaculture Designs
* Training On-Site Owners and Property Management

We combine a history and love of native landscaping with Permaculture whole site and farming experience. We are healing ecosystems and providing income streams and healthy habitats for people,  reconnecting humanity in mutually beneficial relationships with the entire web of life.

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Map A.Renaud-Mars Hill, NC - small
summer kitchen drawing
Occupy Farms2-walton-ny
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Erica Rose & David Santoro Binder-14-150

Permaculture Design & Concept Plan Old Chatham, New York

Erica Rose & David Santoro Binder-13-200


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