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We create comprehensive Permaculture designs tailor suited to your dreams and visions for your life and the ecological communities that you live with.  To begin the process send me your exact address and your Permaculture wishlist for the property, which should include all the elements you desire for me to incorporate into the design.
Our designs include an overview concept drawing, some detail drawings, photographs of design recommendations and a report with a full breakdown of a phase implementation process, recommended siting of buildings, passive solar and natural building designs, water and energy systems, community spaces, microenterprises, livestock, volunteer and guest housing, plantings,  orchards, market scale beyond organic vegetable gardens their arrangement and sources for plant materials.

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Permaculture Planning Land Selection

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The Center for Bioregional Living Permaculture Designs create havens for a true sense of contemplation, beauty and abundance living in ecological communities, gardens, ponds and natural buildings.  They coevolve with the people who live here on their journey of living in this sacred and timeless way in tune with the primordial rhythms of life on Earth.

This report offers a diversity of permaculture recommendations that are tailor suited to the goals. All of our recommendations are geared towards integrating the elements of the design to be ecologically intelligent and to create mutually beneficial and functional interrelationships. The overall site improvements which are recommended will be low maintenance, low tech, passive and grounded in ecological design and permaculture principles.

Climate is one of the key components we consider when designing with permaculture. A regions climate will dictate which plant species to choose as well as how to anticipate solar gain and precipitation among other things. Generally the entire northeast has substantial and evenly distributed amount of rainfall which plays a large part in why we are recommending using rainwater catchment as a significant source for many of the water needs a on-site.

Mutually Beneficial Relationships

We will  make use of your structures, gardens, paths, sheds and outdoor areas so that the flow between them is ergonomic, integrated and beneficial.  Zones of use are particularly efficient as a design tool for creating highly energetic and efficient layouts.

Multiple functions from single elements.

The property’s topography, buildings, driveways slope and orientation will all be considered for their potential to collect and direct rainwater and to establish and create microclimates. We will utilize southern exposure for rare and delicate fruits like peach and apricot and east and cooler areas for rare woodland medicinals, nuts and appropriate native plantings.

We will disperse detrimental energies like wind and sun and increase privacy and the diversity of use by the strategic placement of the plantings we create on-site.  We pay close attention to solar gain to capture and cycle solar income to provide you with a beautiful abundant landscape and make your dwellings and activities more comfortable.

Landscape Designs
Mixing Edible & Native Plants

Biointensive & Biodynamic Designs
Vegetable Garden Designs

SilvaPasture and Agroforestry

Permaculture forest Gardens
Biodynamic Orchard Designs

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