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Center for Bioregional Living had a very productive and bountiful 2011!   We started our Apprenticeship program for Permaculture design certification graduates, built several new buildings in our educational campus, constructed 9 new ponds on the property, taught our third year of advanced permaculture classes and hosted a large number of visitors and volunteers. We also added Vaud our new pup as,  Junie calls him to the farm and family and 10 laying hens, Jersey giants and buff brahma, heritage heavy breeds great foragers grazing our backyard for us rotationally and laying plenty of eggs.


Andrew Faust, renowned Permaculture Scholar, has been captivating audiences with his message of how we can use permaculture to redesign the current, vulnerable economic landscape to reflect the most resilient systems functioning in nature. With over 20 years of teaching experience, he has, to date, successfully graduated over 400 students from his Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) course that is helping spawn a new wave of green businesses and organizations. The Permaculture movement is growing in the greater NYC area and has also found a home within the Occupy Wall Street community.


The Regional Mosaic of Permanent Agriculture - As we navigate through this Monsanto-free minefield for six weeks, we have the overt goals of getting people to stop eating genetically modified foods and to contribute to international efforts at having GM products clearly labeled.  Yet, the foundation of that goal is seeking transformative social justice in which people reclaim autonomy and power over the food systems which sustain us from the multinational corporations which have appropriated them.  What does that transformation look like? How do we get there?....

At last Saturday’s Northeastern Organic Farmers Association, New Jersey’s (NOFA-NJ) annual winter conference at Princeton University, Andrew Faust of the Center for Bioregional Living hosted a workshop on the concept of a bioregional economy that encompasses a confluence of issues:  restoration ecology, land use equity, sustainable agriculture, responsible economy, and social justice.  It is about development of agricultural practices in context with a deeper look at the landscape of the region, appropriate to the geography and heritage of the place.  It is about accountable stewardship of urban cityscapes to dramatically reduce the enormous waste generated by those spaces.... read more

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A lecture by permaculture instructor, Andrew Faust, on using permacultural design principles to make incremental upgrades to the urban landscape to help move the city in the direction of self-sufficiency and create an environment in which people can live and thrive.  He suggests that broad, abstruse issues like global weirding and peak oil distract us from the very real, immediate, and achievable actions we can take to improve our situation. This lecture was presented on Friday, 29 September 2012 at The Commons Brooklyn in NYC.


C-Realm Special: Regenerating Urban Centers

C-Realm_Radiant_Sun - Live Audio Stream


GMO’s and Permaculture with Andrew Faust

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If you’re sitting at your computer wondering what it’s like to be a farmer, or you want to live more rooted in this world as a homesteaders this event will give you some new ideas for re-designing your life.

And if you already have a bit of experience living on the land, you’re going to learn some new tricks as well.

Living with the land is not always easy. If you don’t have a mentor who knows the ropes, chances are you’ll make some costly mistakes. 

Check out the exciting speaker line-up  in this FREE 3-day webcast event:

  • Stacey Murphy, HOST: Backyard Farming for Community Resilience
  • Leda Meredith: Wild Food“ Herbivores Can Hunt Too
  • Janell Kapoor: Using Dirt to Build Community
  • Rob Avis LIVE: Your How-to Manual for Passive Solar Greenhouses
  • Andrew Faust: Designing Your Life with Permaculture
  • Paul Wheaton: Bricks to Build a Better World
  • Meg Paska LIVE: Natural Beekeeping 
  • Kevin Egolf: How to Structure a Land Agreement
  • Bee Ayer: Finding an Apprenticeship that™s Right for You
  • Molly Culver LIVE: Growing Soil: Soil Science Basics for Organic Growers
  • Brian Rosa: Scaling Up Compost Operations

As long as you have a connection, you can listen in from anywhere! Click on over to reserve your spot and you’ll receive all the event details.

Your Future in Farming & Homesteading is a FREE 3-day webcast event that brings agricultural training right to you’re wherever you happen to be. Yes, there are lots of things that you can ONLY learn from a hands-on apprenticeship, BUT there are also lots of science and entrepreneurial lessons that this incredible line-up of speakers can bring right into your home.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

P.S..Feel free to invite your agriculturally-inclined friends and family. You could be the catalyst that helps them attain their dreams!

Conversation on Living and Farming - Your Future in Farming & Homesteading

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